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>> Dayton, Sutro, & Carson Valley Railroad
(both passed through
Old Town Dayton, Nevada)

Our C&C Depot is being restored!
Weekly Railroad Depot Work Day
Sat., July 15, 10 am to 1 pm

Drop in, help as you can. There is something for everyone.
(Right now we are working every Saturday from 10 am, except we work the 4th Sat. in each month starting at 9 am.)
C&C RR Depot, Hwy. 50E at Main Street, at the light
The goal of the restoration project is to return our historic 1881 depot to its original appearance and make it Dayton's "Gateway to the Comstock." Our depot is one of only three remaining original 1880s C&C passenger depots and the only one in Nevada. After restoration it will be the only C&C depot returned to original 1880s appearance. For more information please email (For more info contact Railroad or call 775-246-0505 or 775-720-4104.)

How You Can Help
- Come to our railroad meetings and/or events.
- Come to our Depot Restoration Work Days.
- Volunteer your special skills to help with restoration.
- Send a donation to "HSDV, RR Depot" at P.O. Box 485, Dayton, NV 89403.
- Donate to our tieplate project! You can have your name or someone's you wish to honor engraved on
an original C&C tieplate, which will then be spiked
on the tracks at the depot. Order form.

Interested in Railroads?
Railroad Depot Committee Meeting
Mon., Aug. 7, 2017, 6:30 pm

Dayton Valley Community Center
Interested parties of all ages welcome. No experience necessary!
The Railroad Depot Committee, headed by Lynne Ballatore, meets at 6:30 pm on the first Monday of the month.
We'd love to have your input and help on restoration of our 1881 depot, restoration of our 1888 narrow-gauge boxcar, laying track and helping with railroad operations, or any railroad projects.
We would also be happy to add you to our email list, or call you to let you know about work parties and other activies. Please attend a meeting, email Railroad, or call 775-246-0505 or 775-246-3870.

The Dayton C&C Depot now -- before restoration.
What the Dayton C&C depot will look like after restoration:

$403,932 in funding received from Federal Highway Administration Transportation Alternatives Program administered by Nevada Department of Transportaton.
Working again with our restoration partner, Lyon County, we were notified in February of receiving this funding, which over a period of five years will move our depot restoration close to completion. The Depot Restoration Committee (Linda Clements, John Crowley, and Stony Tennant) are working with NDOT, Lyon County, and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to get this funding in place.

Additional $136,000 Recieved for Restoration of Dayton's Historic 1881 Carson & Colorado Railroad Depot!
Using a Grant and Supplement received from the Nevada Commission on Cultural Affairs we have completed pre-restoration work. Following a grant application jointly with Lyon County to the Nevada Committte for Cultural Centers and Historic Preservation (the new name for CCA) we received $136,000 to start actual restoration. Dr. Linda Clements manages the depot and its use as well as serves as grant writer.

In January 2007 the depot was purchased by Lyon County using Federal Transportation Enhancement funding obtained through a proposal written by HSDV. The depot was then added to HSDV's longterm stewardship agreement with the county---an agreement under which HSDV operates the depot, the Dayton Museum, and Dayton's Firehouse and Jail. The current restoration phase follows almost a decade of volunteer documentation, research, and physical work on the depot and the depot property and now, as Nevada emerges from the Recession, actual restoration can actually begin.

We have an Operations Department! Operations has laid substantial track on the depot property, allowing us to run small equipment such as a motorcar and/or handcar but more work is needed. If you have an interest in railroad operations please join us!

We are also researching and restoring our 1888 narrow-gauge boxcar, SP 84.

We would love to have you join our Railroad Depot Committee! There is a place for you even if you only want to participate in a limited way. You can attend meetings (or not), help research or plan restoration of the depot or boxcar (or not), and/or help with work parties on the depot, grounds, or boxcar (or not), help secure donations (or not), or any other aspects of the project---or even if you just want more information. Please attend a monthly meeting (see above), email Railroad Depot Committee, or call 775-246-0505 or 775-246-3870.

The depot is open for special events, or tours can be arranged by emailing Railroad Depot Committee or calling 775-246-0505 or 775-246-3870.

History of the Carson & Colorado Railroad

Dayton-Oriented Chronology of the C&C RR

Route Map of the Carson & Colorado Railroad

First depot erected on the Carson & Colorado Railroad, and today the only passenger depot remaining in Nevada:
Beginning in 1881, the Carson & Colorado narrow-gauge railroad operated from Mound House, where it connected with the standard-gauge Virginia & Truckee, through Dayton, to Keeler, California, at the southeast end of Owens Lake.

In the reputed words of Darius Ogden Mills, one of the founders, the railroad was built "300 miles too long or 300 years too soon". It was built as a mining railroad to serve the mines and mills in the deserts of Nevada and Eastern California. Soon after the first trains departed in early 1881 they were returning with tons of ore for processing in the mills in the Dayton area.
Dayton's 1881 Carson & Colorado Railroad Depot, under SP ownership in 1914.
The Dayton depot was not only the first erected on the line but was also the pattern for all that followed. Today it is one of only three original C&C passenger depots remaining and the only one in Nevada.

Some years after the line from Mound House to Churchill was abandoned in 1934 the Dayton Depot was converted to a private residence. Then, when U.S. Hwy. 50E was widened in the 1950s it was moved out of the right-of-way and across the road to the corner at Main Street, where it continued to serve as a home.

In 2007 the Depot and the land it sits on was purchased with federal "Transportation Enhancement" funds through the Nevada Department of Transportation. Under the ownership of Lyon County with a stewardship agreement with the Historical Society of Dayton Valley, the depot will be preserved and restored to its original 1880s appearance to serve as the "Gateway to the Comstock" -- a Visitor's Center and site for C&C RR exhibits. It will also be the only C&C depot returned to its original 1880s appearance.

Southern Pacific narrow gauge boxcar SP 84 comes to Dayton!
On September 21, 2011, the Historical Society of Dayton Valley brought an 1888 narrow gauge boxcar "home" to complement our 1881 Carson & Colorado depot. Read about our acquisition of SP 84 here.

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