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2021 HSDV Officers and Directors

2020 HSDV Officers and Directors

President: Lynne Ballatore
Vice President:
Stony Tennant
Mabel Masterman
John Crowley
Linda Clements, Cecilia Taylor-Hall , and Gloria Manning.

Ex-Officio Board Member

Historian: Laura Tennant
   Email: historian@hsdv.org
   Phone: 775-246-3256

Other Contacts of Interest

Museum Curator: Laura Tennant
   Email: curator@hsdv.org
   Phone: 775-246-3256
Firehouse/Jail Docent: Mabel Masterman
Newsletter Editor:
Cecilia Taylor-Hall

Railroad Committee:

Co-Chairs: John Crowley and Phil Hanna
Manager of Operations: (vacant)
Program Manager for Depot Restoration:
Linda Clements
Railroad or call 246-0505 or 720-4104 for information or tours.)

For more information:

By phone: (775) 246-3870 or (775) 246-4457, or (775) 720-4104
By email: President or Secretary