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HSDV General Membership Meeting and Lecture

Dayton Valley Community Center 170 Pike Street, Dayton

This is the quarterly general membership meeting of the Historic Society of Dayton Valley. Each meeting includes brief announcements concerning activities of the Society and a “History Moment” on a historical topic. The general public is invited. The September topic will be "Grosh Brothers' Cloud - No Silver Lining". The presenter will be Bob Thomasson.

The educated and articulate Grosh brothers were faced with Shakespearean misfortune almost from the day they left Pennsylvania bound for the California Gold Fields. They also designed an unsuccessful water pressure powered perpetual motion machine and an improved but unsuccessful gold recovery device. They were so close to achieving their goals, including a big strike, but it was almost as if a deliberate and cruel hand of fate was intentionally working against them.

There is limited agreement among historians whether or not the brothers discovered what became the Comstock Lode but there is no disagreement whether or not a statue in their honor should be erected and it is in the planning stages now.