St. Ann's Chapel Restoration

Restoration is under way!

The repainting of the St Ann’s Chapel has begun. The  building was recently pressure washed, and the swamp cooler and decayed front A-frame removed. Below is a gallery of photos showing the progress along with our generous volunteers. The next step will be to paint and protect what we have. We’ll spray the paint onto the surfaces, then rolled into the wood to make sure it is well-covered.

Thanks to Phil Hanna, Bob Thomasson, Larry Tuttle, Stony Tennant, Laura Tennant and all others that chipped in and helped with this project.

We need member and volunteer help with more painting and future tasks. Please spread the word to members willing to help, and who want to be a part of Dayton history. Email with a subject of “St. Ann’s Restore” and we will send out an announcement when we are ready to schedule our next work day.

Photo Gallery: St. Ann’s Chapel Restoration